Adams-Friendship Fine Arts Center

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Adams-Friendship Fine Arts Center

Adams, WI
Delivery Method: Addition
Architect: Somerville Architects

This project consisted of a 20,000 square-foot, 561 seat auditorium with prop & set room, a costume & storage room, and green room. The new center connects to the existing high school to allow for maximum use by the students. The facility also has an art gallery, control room and box office. The building has a separate entrance for community use which functions as a venue for both public and private events.

A challenge this project faced was taking a building of nearly 20 years, and making sure the addition matched, as if to appear they were seamless instead of two separate construction periods.

Meeting the school’s wish to open the 2015-2016 school year in this auditorium, Ellis was able to cut the schedule by 30 days to accommodate for this to happen. In addition, due to the accelerated construction schedule and other efforts of our superintendent, the district was able to save $300,000 on this project and allocate those dollars to added improvements to the auditorium.