The Worth Company

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The Worth Company

Stevens Point, WI
Delivery Method: Design-Build
Architect: Ellis Construction

This 30,477 square-foot addition provided a much needed expansion area for The Worth Company as their book of business grows. The project was completed in a timely fashion through strong project management and coordination of the onsite superintendent. The addition was built over the original structure while the manufacturing work continued without disruption. The existing building was then surgically removed once the addition was enclosed and the production line was reestablished within the new space.

Employing stringent safety measures, Ellis created a plan to keep the existing building operational while heavy machinery and large building elements were moving all around it. Safety measures and pre-planning to control vehicle movement, building access and fall protection were employed to ensure that the new building could be built with minimal disruption to the surrounding site and existing buildings.

Maintaining productivity was a primary goal of The Worth Company for this project. Ellis’ attention from our superintendent allowed for excellent communication on schedule and progress to ensure that nearly zero productivity was lost due to construction. Planning and execution was central to this project’s success along with The Worth Company’s trust and confidence in Ellis Construction.