Schmeeckle Reserve Amphitheater Development

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Schmeeckle Reserve Amphitheater Development

Stevens Point, WI
Delivery Method: General Contractor
Architect: Rettler Corporation

The Schmeeckle Reserve Amphitheater Development was a 900 square foot project that was built from the ground up. Construction started in September of 2018 and was completed by July of 2019.

The owner had a lot of expectations for the details of the landscape. Instead of taking an engineered approach, Ellis Construction, through the collaborative design of the Rettler Corporation, took a more artistic approach for the architectural landscape design. There was extensive coordination between the owner and Ellis to make sure that their vision was met.

Access to the site was quite difficult since it was off the beaten path. The winter months added its challenges, but Ellis overcame everything thrown their way. Proper planning had to be implemented so the roof framing structure could be placed. Restoration of the site, and not impacting the Schmeeckle Reserve anymore then had to be done, was a goal that Ellis wanted to achieve. Lots of creativity and vision from the owners, Rettler and Ellis Construction made the Schmeeckle Reserve Amphitheater what it is today.