Port Edwards Waste Water Treatment Plant

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Port Edwards Waste Water Treatment Plant

Port Edwards, WI
Delivery Method: General Contractor
Engineer/Architect: MSA Professional Services, Inc.

Location and cost constraints required the new plant to be adjacent to an existing 30-year-old facility, resulting in a very small work site. The planning phase revealed that the site was in the Wisconsin River floodway, requiring coordination with the Department of Natural Resources and FEMA.

Reuse of existing structures was economical and provided space for future expansion. Included in the construction project were:

  • Repurposing the old anaerobic digester structure into the new aerobic digestion tank
  • Demolishing one of the two old trickling filter structures
  • Converting another structure into a sludge storage tank by installing a cast-in-place concrete floor and wall within the existing structure

Along with redesign and repurposing of existing structures, Ellis built the headworks building, oxidation ditches, control building and clarifier building.