Greenheck Health & Wellness Center

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Greenheck Health & Wellness Center

Schofield, WI
Delivery Method: Design-Build
Architect: Ellis Construction

Greenheck Fan Corporation selected Ellis Construction to renovate an existing industrial building and adaptively reuse it as the Greenheck Health and Wellness Center.

The 6,100-square-foot building incorporates a clinic and fitness gymnasium in a contemporary atmosphere, with a vestibule to allow after-hours access to the gym. Greenheck architectural louvers are highlighted on the exterior of the building to emphasize some of the products manufactured on the campus. Architectural metal panels, new canopies, and the large louvers create a modern makeover for the facility and distinguish it from the neighboring industrial buildings.

The building includes a couple of important “green” construction methods. First, the adaptive reuse of an existing building for a new function. Second, a complete building retrofit of insulation to the thermal envelope to cut down on heat loss. If a building uses less energy for heating and cooling, it will save more costs than most other additional “green” features could.

This project received an Associated General Contractors of Wisconsin BUILD Wisconsin Award in the Design/Build Renovation Category.