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AROW Global Office Expansion

Mosinee, WI

Delivery Method: Design-Build

Architect: Ellis Construction

The AROW Global Office Expansion was a 14,547 square-foot office building addition and a 2,850 square-foot remodel. The owner needed to be able to utilize their existing office space as the new area was constructed. This meant phasing the project and working around the owner’s schedule to maintain their operations while still being productive on the construction side of things. Once the new office area was complete, the owner was able to take occupancy while their existing office space was remodeled.

Fire walls were strategically place to separate certain building sections due to the fact the original building was not place on the site to allow for unlimited expansion.

The unique shape and grading of the site resulted in the decision to angle the addition, as well as any future additions to take advantage of the natural grades to the greatest extent possible. Doing so allowed the two-story ‘showcased’ glass curtain wall to face the street more directly for a beautiful street view.

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