Greenheck Fan Corporation Facility #18

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Greenheck Fan Corporation Facility #18

Schofield, WI
Delivery Method: Design Build
Architect: Ellis Construction

Greenheck Facility #18 was new construction of a 52,500-square-foot design-build project that included Structural Steel Framing, Rubber Roof and “Hybrid” Construction. Facility #18 was an important project in Greenheck’s master growth plan. With this facility being very unique and tailor-made for one of Greenheck’s most important production lines, taking advantage of every possible efficiency in scheduling and construction efficiency was paramount.

One of the highlighted challenges that the construction team faced early on in this project was an existing fiber optic line that ran across the center of the site. The relocation of this line was identified early on, but many tasks needed to be completed by the City of Schofield and the respective utility company prior to its relocation. Detailed pre-planning and a stringent safety plan was implemented to allow Ellis to delicately work around the fiber optic line. Experienced equipment operators were enlisted with implementing these plans and pushing forward with operations.

Quality control and consistent inspection of the construction progress by the project manager and architect of record helped to provide efficiencies, kept the project up to date as well as eliminated any conflicts from week to week ultimately ending with an efficiently streamlined project that was completed on time.