Friends of Rib Mountain – Enclosed Shelter

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Friends of Rib Mountain – Enclosed Shelter

Wausau, WI
Delivery Method: Design-Build
Architect: Ellis Construction

This 1,881 square foot building located in Rib Mountain State Park sits high atop Rib Mountain. The views from this building allow visitors to feel they are close to the wilderness. While this is a unique and appealing feature, it also posed a few construction challenges. It was important to preserve the plants, trees and nature surrounding the construction site. In addition, semi and delivery trucks faced a rocky trek up the mountain due to the narrow nature of the area. The scheduling and installation of these delivered items needed to remain on point.

Maintaining the safety of all visitors, including the animals, was an element that needed to be taken into consideration. Thousands of people visited the park while it was under construction.

The building materials used needed to withstand the winter weather while maintaining the rustic look, similar to all other buildings on the property. Stone work and LP Smart siding was used to ensure the building could withstand the elements.