Associated Bank – Hayward

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Associated Bank – Hayward

Hayward, WI
Delivery Method: General Contractor
Architect: Rinka Chung Architecture, Inc.

Associated Bank – Hayward Branch was a 2,777-square-foot ground-up new building. It took just over 6 months to demolish the pre-existing building and construct the brand new branch building where it sits now.

This was a unique project for Ellis due to the fact that its location is just under 200 miles from our home office, the second furthest we have traveled.

The biggest challenge faced was the race against the clock, starting this project in fall and only having about 6 weeks to get everything in the ground and the exterior work completed. This included concrete and the first layer of paving, prior to the start of the infamous Hayward, WI winter weather. Brutal cold and high accumulation of snow created significant challenges. With detailed scheduling and cooperation from all parties involved we were able to beat the clock.

The Hayward Branch office has a large amount of glass built into the design which showcases the interior of the bank giving it a modern look and lets in an abundance of natural light.