Aspirus Wausau Hospital Cancer Center

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Aspirus Wausau Hospital Cancer Center

Wausau, WI
Delivery Method: Construction Manager/General Contractor
Architect: PRA

The Aspirus Wausau Hospital Cancer Center Addition and Remodel was a 30,578 square foot project split between 9,000 square foot for the remodel portion and 21,578 square foot for the addition. This unique and intricate project lasted 26 months, spanning from May of 2017 to July of 2019.

One of the obstacles that Ellis overcame during this project was the quality of the soils. To solve the problem, Ellis used a geopier system to improve the soils and provide compaction for the foundation.

It was also very important to phase the project accordingly to reduce the impact to the patients and allow the clinic to stay open and run seamlessly and effortlessly throughout the 26 months.