Andrew Halverson, Vice President Business DevelopmentAndrew J. Halverson, Executive Vice President

Andrew’s skill set is vast and multi-disciplined. He has a strong background and experience in zoning, planning, Tax Incremental Financing (TIF), and grassroots initiatives. As the former Mayor of the City of Stevens Point, he led various community partnerships which completely reenergized the city’s downtown through a new market square, relocation of a college, and hundreds of jobs coming to Stevens Point. For Ellis’s clients, he assists with zoning issues, tax incentives, and marketing to help owner’s see their project through the governmental processes. Andrew is also responsible for administrative oversight of the company.

Community involvement is key to his success. He has been actively involved with area Chambers of Commerce, University of Wisconsin, Stevens Point (UWSP) Alumni Association, Central Wisconsin Alliance for Economic Development (Centergy), the Saint Michael’s Hospital Ministry Health Care Board, UWSP Foundation, Youth Area Football, and many other associations and areas of service.