Managing time. Managing work.

Our promise is that your project will be built right. We understand that a successful project means more than just a completed building. Our clients also measure success in terms of a smooth process, without the added pressures of cost overruns and delayed schedules.


Ellis prepares a master schedule that is maintained and updated throughout the project. Each week our on-site superintendent prepares a detailed, three-week look-ahead schedule that is reviewed at weekly progress meetings with the owner, architect/engineer and all subcontractors that are or will be involved in the project during the next three weeks. This ensures coordination among all trades, smooth workflow and coordination to accommodate the owner’s use of the facility.


Our project superintendents are a key component to the success of your project. They are highly skilled and trained in the construction industry, having completed the Associated General Contractors of America “Supervisory Training Program” — a 3 to 4-year commitment. Our superintendents’ average length of service with Ellis is nearly 20 years. Most have years of additional experience in the construction industry.

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