We’re front-end alignment specialists.

Getting your project off on the right foot is all about solid planning. Ellis brings a wealth of experience to this vital stage — not only putting together construction schedules and budgets, but also aligning the efforts of architects, engineers, material providers and sub-contractors. Through effective collaboration, insight and a strict view toward detail, Ellis ensures accurate estimates, achievable schedules, final budgets with Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP) and a workflow plan that will deliver on your expectations.


An extensive file of unit costs from past projects enables us to provide detailed, accurate estimates. Using an electronic file of material suppliers and subcontractors, we solicit bids for all phases of work. Ellis competitively bids 85-95% of the total cost of each project. Our estimators and project managers establish estimated costs for:

  • Each element of labor based on specification divisions
  • Each element of material based upon specification divisions
  • Each subcontract based upon specification divisions
  • Equipment based upon specification divisions


Value Engineering

Ellis uses a team approach to the value engineering process. Estimators, project managers and the principal-in-charge work with facility personnel and the project architect to research costs and present value engineering options. Ellis also turns to material suppliers and subcontractors for their expertise in soliciting value-engineering proposals. Value engineering may affect the design or scope of the project, but does not reduce quality of work; it allows for changing to materials or processes that will enhance the work and provide value for the owner.

Government Relations

Ellis frequently represents our clients in dealing with municipalities, advocating for regulatory and zoning decisions, providing project analyses and strategic messaging for legislative approval, as well as assisting with public finance-related matters, most notably, TIF Districts and the financial incentives related to them. We also assist at the state and federal level regarding fund sourcing, Department of Transportation issues and more.

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